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Part Two: Keep Practising to Be the Strongest You

This section aims to enhance the brain’s change. The reader improves by adopting this specifically targeted guidance. Powerful techniques are explained and practised, such as visualization, restructuring of thinking, emotional reprocessing, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and more. The reader moves towards their full potential through a shift in focus.

Audio tracks of mental imagery are tailored to enhance the goals of the book. Imagery involves visualization and the brain’s response. The readers adopt new mental habits just by listening.

Put headphones on, close your eyes and listen. Reset your mind and boost positive changes in just 12 weeks.

Part One: The Healthier Mind, the Stronger You

This part explains how the mind controls everything, feelings, decisions, choices, relationships. It describes Szakal’s approach of taking control over the mind to positively shape life. The reader is carried forward while practising techniques tailored to their circumstances. They become stronger through step-by-step application of Szakal’s approach.

Ivana Straska Szakal, a successful educator & mental health professional, shares an unconventional approach that helps her clients create unique results in life. Take a journey through this book - Beneficial change comes through a commitment of no more than 20 minutes daily.

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When the little things in life seem difficult to cope with; when everything and everyone seem to be against you; when life just seems hard, read this book and remember this simple phrase:

In the mind and self, be The Strongest You


Ivana Straska Szakal



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Ivana has worked with many individuals from all walks of life, both in Canada and around the world. Her academic qualifications are augmented by certified training and extensive experience in the fields of adult education, counselling, cognitive and behaviour therapy, mental imagery and mindfulness, all of which support her coaching credibility. Writing her first self-help book with guided practice was inspired by personal losses and challenges in her life.


Ivana Straska Szakal, M.A.


"…We have received such positive feedback from the school about her progress, we are so pleased... I hope you know how appreciative we are of all the work you have done with our daughter to help get her to the point of where she is now…"

B. Feyerer, Oakville

"… I feel really good today and able to concentrate and be more productive at work. I'm not sure what nerve you hit but it really helped. I have not spoken to my mother yet but will do so without making it seem like she's to blame, I feel a little more at peace today...I hope this continues..."

AR, Etobicoke

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Mindfulness - Breathe In Breathe Out is short book from the self-help series of books by successful educator & mental health professional Ivana Straska Szakal.

This brief introduction follows Szakal’s book “The Strongest You” answering demand for a simple English guide to Mindfulness. It explains in simple terms:

it can do for you and the benefits it can bring to your life.

you can begin and how you can incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. With downloadable audio tracks to help get started

mindfulness works and is becoming such a popular and talked about form of simple meditation.



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The Strongest You

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